In praise of Routledge

A great publisher of grammar books for language mavens

I know this is primarily directed at English readers, but I thought anyone who can speak some English might benefit from finding out more about this marvelous UK-based publisher. If you are looking for a thorough yet functional approach to grammar, then look no further. Routledge has consistently met and exceeded my expectations when it comes to grammar reference books. What makes it exciting for translators from the Scandinavian languages is precisely the fact that it has published grammars in these languages. Quite a groundbreaking feat considering these languages are often deemed ‘minor’.

Just a note: while the grammars are definitely worth their price, give the bilingual Danish-English dictionary a miss as it does not provide many fully contextualized examples, but rather, mere snippets or stock phrases.

Some of the Routledge titles in my collection, which I hope to keep expanding include: